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It Takes 60 Days To Build A Habit That Lasts — This Application Will Ensure You Conquer Them.

What are you passionate about?

The answer to that question is the key to motivation through good times and bad.

Since starting Willpowered, three things I'm deeply passionate about have reminded me why the exhaustion, doubt, and failure I've faced over the years was worth it.

  1. Sharing useful scientific knowledge...
  2. Using technology to share it further and make it more useful...
  3. And seeing people use the information to achieve whatever greatness they seek.

Waking up every day with these three factors on my side helped me see even the darkest days as an opportunity, not an obligation.

But these factors would mean nothing if I didn't put them into action through...


Invest In Yourself.

The False Promise of Intensity

Before 2013, my relationship with New Year's resolutions was fairly typical.

  1. Get excited by the promise of a New Year
  2. Set a plan to exercise regularly
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Read a book every day
  5. Save money by eating at home
  6. Take more time to "enjoy life"

I always started off great.

I'd stick with the routine for two or three weeks and feel confident...

"This time I'm going to make all of my new habits last."

But the burnout was inevitable...

I'd wake up exhausted, skip the gym, skip my diet, and be on the slippery slope toward another year of zero progress...

This is the false promise of intensity.

In order to make a "real change," we believe we must overhaul our entire lives.

But in the end, we end up right back where we started...or worse.

The willpower, determination, and belief that "this time" will be different are all valuable resources that will motivate you to reach your goals...

But focusing on intensity is a terrific way to squander your energy.

The Key to Change

In 2013, I was tired of squandering the promise of a New Year.

So I followed Jim Collins' strategy from Great by Choice, and implemented my SMaC Formula (a "Specific, Methodical, and Consistent" list of habits to complete every day).

That decision changed everything.

Almost every success I've had over the last 4 years traces back to my SMaC Formula:

  1. Wake up every weekday at 4 AM
  2. Plan my transportation ahead of time
  3. Follow my exercise plan
  4. Log the food I eat
  5. Log the cost of the food I eat

That's it.

Just achieving these 5 points daily led to small wins.

Those small wins led to increased confidence.

That increased confidence led me to take on harder challenges.

And it's all built from there.

This guide will take you the process to build those habits in your life.

Invest In Yourself.



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