How long does it take to complete this program?

It takes roughly 30 minutes to go through every step. However, you do not need to complete all steps at once.

Do I have to do all the steps at once?

No. Feel free to start and stop whenever you wish.

What if I am not afraid of anything? How does this relate to my project?

Complex situations naturally reveal our weaknesses. So if your project truly is outside of your comfort zone, simply list some worry or concern you have and prepare accordingly.

What if I don’t know anyone with a similar fear?

See if you can find someone with a similar objective in your own social network. If not, think of any historical figures who attempted to conquer a similar problem. They may not have the same fear, but they likely faced the same challenges.

How can I access Get Problems Solved?

This program can be accessed by going to your Dashboard and clicking on My Programs.

Where can I learn more?

Check out the Learn More About sections the other pages of the Further Resources section to see more from the EcSell Institute.