Outcome: GROWTH through discomfort

The purpose of this program is to help you push your comfort levels further to attain the personal and professional growth you had previously been leaving on the table. Regardless of your age, past accomplishments, and status, you can either choose growth or death because to stay comfortable is to die.

Discomfort must be embraced, not combated. The journey to be your best self never ends, yet most people do not know that there is a science to "getting out of your comfort zone." This program will teach you how to understand, implement, and measure personal improvement through discomfort.

The Growth Rings is designed to be used each and every time you set a new goal or are presented with a challenge, opportunity, or unfamiliar situation. It is not a move-by-move instruction manual or a paint-by-numbers “quick fix.” As they say in the military, “No plan survives first contact.” Unpredictable things happen and life gets a vote. Rather, this program is a guide of self-discovery that will motivate you to think through the right issues.

Whether you are looking to improve your team or yourself, this program is designed to allow you to thrive in Complexity. This program will help you confront your fears, define your milestones, and learn the real cost of inaction. In doing so, it will help you establish a framework to embrace and get excited by the discomfort necessary to achieve growth.

The real value of this program comes from the application features of the Growth Rings on your Dashboard. What is really exciting is that rather than learning about these concepts once, you will be reminded, prompted, and encouraged to actually put discomfort into practice.

To help you grow further, in the Learn More About sections you will find a number of helpful videos, articles, and white papers. These sections are designed to complement your Dashboard. There is a lot of content, so go through them at your own pace.