Outcome: Roadmap to Achievement

The purpose of this program is to help you set goals that are specific, motivated, achievable, relevant, trackable, and shareable. Unlike courses, talks, or books—which teach you the information once—the Set SMARTS Goals program is built to help you establish goal-directed behaviors for the long run.

SMARTS goals give you a long-term vision and the inspiration to make it a reality. You will be equipped with an idea of "the big picture" and the smaller milestones you need to hit your target. Setting SMARTS goals will empower you to create goal-directed behaviors in any and all aspects of your life.

SMARTS goals are empowering because of the power you give them by clearly defining your goal, why it is worth it, that it is important, and that it will work.

Set SMARTS Goals is designed to be used each and every time you set a new goal or are presented with a challenge, opportunity, or unfamiliar situation. This program will provide you with guidance along every step of the way, like a roadmap telling you where you are going, when you will get there, and how you call follow and share your progress.

To help you take your goal-oriented practices even further, in the Learn from Dr. Geller section you will find a number of helpful videos, slideshares, and articles. There is a lot of content, so go through them at your own pace.