Is this program for me?

This is for people who regularly use applications for email, task-management, marketing, social media, or tracking data in a spreadsheet. For a full list of supported applications, click this link: https://zapier.com/zapbook/.

Why would I use this program?

If you struggle to organize and manage your emails, tasks, business, or goals, this program will help you automate your tasks and measure your results in concrete terms.

What outcome will I achieve through this program?

The opportunity available with automation is limitless. Zapier (the tool you will use to automate) has over 750 applications ready to serve you. To make the most of that opportunity, we need a framework to use the proper tools to achieve our unique goals. This Guide will provide you with that framework.

Why not use Zapier directly?

A subscription to Zapier costs $25/mo. By purchasing this program, you not only get a Zapier subscription for only $9/mo, you also get the program that will help you make the most of it.

Do I have to do all the steps at once?

No. Feel free to start and stop whenever you wish.

How do I access the other programs in the bundle?

To access the other programs go to your Dashboard and click on My Programs.