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Change Your Life With Personalized Advice From Experts

The hardest part of changing your life is putting what you've learned from books and classes into action, day after day, until it becomes a habit. Educo helps you take expert knowledge, and incorporate it into your own life, with personalized daily journeys that makes what you've learned stick. Unlike books and online classes, which give you information then push you into the world on your own, our apps grow and change with you. Changing your life starts one day at a time.

How Our Journeys Work

Mindfulness and goal programs

Expert advice when you need it.

We've gathered top experts in their fields who want to help you build habits. If you've ever wished you could have an expert from a book or class be your personal guide, this is your chance. Educo Journeys grow and change with you.

Planning Process

Practical, personalized step-by-step guidance

Through the use of questions, Educo Journeys are designed to help you think through your problems and come up with the best solutions. Each program becomes personalized to your goals and needs over time, to ensure you stay on track.

Planning your goals

Create actionable plans.

Every program will equip you with a step-by-step plan that you can use to put the expert's advice into action. Don't know where to start improving your life? Educo can help.

Daily mindfulness journal program

Track your progress.

Unlike courses, talks, or workshops, these programs are built for the long term. You will be able to track the success of your plans and measure your results over time.

"Game-changing, life-improving scientifically-backed success!"

- Chris Paredes